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Our food and beverages

Our food menu takes inspiration from both French and Swedish cuisine, with a focus on seafood. The menu is updated on a daily basis with a mix of classics and newly composed dishes. Our ingredients are fresh from our farms and our fish is fresh from our fishing boat.

Food at Sturehof

  • Butter-fried chanterelles, roasted bread, pickled silver onions, egg yolk and cheese 275:-
  • Radish, chicken mayonnaise and breadcrumb 75:-
  • Deep-fried langoustine tails, hollandaise sauce, cucumber, apple and dill 255:-
  • Tartar with halibut, strawberries, chive, colatura and jalapeno 225:-
  • Snow crab, rhode island and toast 250:-
  • Chicken liver mousse, Sauternes jelly, soured rhubarb and truffle 195:-
  • Tatartar of fillet of beef, tartelette, truffle, fermented garlic mayonnaise and soured asparagus 265:-
  • Matjes herring, onion, sour cream, browned butter and boiled egg 195:-/255:-
  • Sturehofs assiettes assorties 3 or 5 255:-
  • (Sturehof herring, Norrøna matjes herring, chive herring, crème fraiche-vendace roe herring, elderflower herring, chicken liver, prawns in mayonnaise, char tartar)
  • Soup of langoustines served with leek, cream cheese and a piece of lobster 230:-
  • Dalarö sandwich, smoked herring, red onion, chive, vendace roe and egg yolk 230:-
  • Salad with burrata, grilled zucchini, wheat, tomato and sunflower seed pesto 285:-
  • “Toast Skagen”, toast with prawns in mayonnaise 315:-
  • Vendace roe from Finland 30g 295:- 100g 995:-
  • Vendace roe from Kalix 30g 390:- 100g 1090:-
  • Served with toast, red onion and crème fraiche
  • Sturgeon roe, baerii (Uru.) 30g 795:- 125g 3150:-
  • Oscietra Caviar (Fra.) 30g 995:- 125g 3450:-
  • Royal Beluga (Belg.) 30g 2600:-
  • Served with butter- fried brioche, onion and crème fraiche
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Beverage at Sturehof

  • Pol Roger, Brut Réserve Gl. 210:- 1/1 1150:-
  • Pierre Péters, “Cuvée de Réserve”, Blanc de Blancs Gl. 225:- 1/1 1350:-
  • 2016 Pol Roger Brut Gl. 255:- 1/1 1650:-
  • 2022 Albet i Noya, “Petit Albet“, Brut Reserva, Penedès (Sp.) Gl 140:- 1/1 650:-
  • Philipponnat, Royal Réserve Rosé Brut Gl 250:- 1/1 1590:-
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Wine at Sturehof

Complete wine list

We serve many more wines than the ones you see above.

For larger parties

Are you part of a larger party that wants to gather and dine and drink? Do you want to invite family and friends, or arrange a company dinner?