Our food and beverages

Our food menu takes inspiration from both French and Swedish cuisine, with a focus on seafood. The menu is updated on a daily basis with a mix of classics and newly composed dishes. Our ingredients are fresh from our farms and our fish is fresh from our fishing boat.

Food & beverage at Sturehof


- Small & middle sized dishes -

Grilled turbot head, butter, white wine and lemon 100:-
Crab, cream cheese, kohl rabi, browned butter and soy sauce 150:-
Blackened mussels, grilled belly of pork, leek, worchester and tarragon 160:-
Swedish tomatoes, straciatella, anchovy, tomato jus and espelette pepper 210:-
Chanterelle toast


Norrøna matjes herring, deep-fried potatoes, Swedish cheese, egg, onion and browned butter


Vendace roe from Vänern sea  served with toast, red onion and crème fraiche

30g 295:-

Vendace roe from Kalix, served with toast, red onion and crème fraiche

30g 550:-
Sturgeon roe, baerii (Ury) Served with blini, onion and crème fraiche 30g 795:-

100g 2800:-

Oscietra caviar (Ury.) Served with blini, onion and crème fraiche 30g 990:-

125g 3400:-

Soup of langoustines served with leek, cottage cheese and a piece of langoustine 220:-
Sturehofs assiettes assorties 3 or 5


(Sturehof herring, matjes herring, mustard herring, dill herring, lingonberry herring, najad salmon, chicken liver, prawns in mayonnaise)




Salad with seared tunafish, poato, capers, egg and anchovy crème

Main courses
White wines
Red wines
Sweet & fortified wines
Beer & Cider
Snaps & Aquavit
Non alcoholic

Complete wine list

We serve many more wines than the ones you see above..
Here you can see all our wines.

For larger parties

Are you part of a larger party that wants to gather and dine and drink? Do you want to invite family and friends, or arrange a company dinner?