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You can eat at Sturehof until 02.00. We often have a crowded dining room so the
best way to get a table is to book one.

Are you 9 people or more? Contact us at: info@sturehof.com
For any questions, please contact us by phone 08-4405730

Food & beverage at Sturehof


- Small & middle sized dishes -

Radishes with whipped browned butter and roasted sunflower seeds


Cold tomato- and ramson soup, trout roe, cottage cheese, crab, salted cucumber and celery

Fried white asparagus, hollandaise, sherry and crispy potatoes 275:-

Green asparagus, lump fish roe, smoked sour cream and deep-fried nettles

Scarpinocc filled with herbs, ricotta, parmesan and roasted cabbage broth 180:-

Smoked lumpfish, potato crème, truffle and browned butter


Vendace roe from Vänern, served with toast, red onion and crème fraiche

30g 295:-

100g 850:-

Vendace roe from Kalix, served with toast, red onion and crème fraiche

30g 550:-

100g 1600:-

Sturgeon roe, baerii (Ury) Served with blini, onion and crème fraiche 30g 795:-

100g 2800:-

Oscietra caviar (Fr.) Served with blini, onion and crème fraiche 30g 990:-
Beluga caviar (Bel.) Served with blini, onion and crème fraiche 30g 2800:-
Soup of langoustines served with leek, cottage cheese and a piece of langoustine 220:-

Sturehofs assiettes assorties

(Sturehof herring, matjes herring, curry herring, mustard herring, Branteviks herring, prawns in mayonnaise, cured salmon, liver paste, egg and anjovis, potato galette)

3pcs 170:-

5pcs 230:-

Main courses
White wines
Red wines
Sweet & fortified wines
Beer & Cider
Snaps & Aquavit
Non alcoholic

This is Sturehof

Sturehof, which opened in 1897, is a modern social hub in central Stockholm and is in the centre of Stureplan. A brasserie with Swedish influences, self-produced ingredients, and a vibrant cultural scene, Sturehof opens in the early morning to late at night, 365 days a year, and is always the perfect restaurant for a nice dinner in Stockholm.

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From farm to table

When it comes to the food at Sturehof, we believe the best results are achieved when the preparation is handled with knowledge and love, in combination with a thoughtful process when preparing the ingredients. We take the concept from farm to table to the next level by shortening the time it takes between the harvesting of ingredients, and the catching of the fish – to the point that the food that is served on our guests’ plates. For us this means that we have developed, over the course of several years, our farms at Ulriksdals Värdshus, by acquiring our own fishing boat, SM4 Tarona, and our own fish prep facility. We don’t have to work with intermediaries to get the best fish. Our ingredients do not have to travel unnecessarily, and this makes the food better for both our guests and the environment.


The experience of dining with us is a central part of Sturehof, and our guests can always count on eating food cooked by knowledgeable chefs in the kitchen, world-renowned staff in the dining room, and some of the country’s best sommeliers who have constructed the wine list. An experience that our guests will remember for a long time.

Sturehof has always had a close relationship with both the art and design worlds. This can be seen not least in the dining room where design, choice of materials, and works of art harmonize and create an inspiring and lively environment. Over the years, we have collaborated with several artists and interior designers to create a memorable atmosphere on the premises. Ernst Billgren has been involved in creating the fish on the walls of Sturehof that can be seen in Mellanbaren and they are part of the permanent exhibition. In addition to the permanent art, we have around six exhibitions per year and the installations in the gallery are updated about twice a year.

The dining room at Sturehof

Eating dinner in Stockholm

Are you searching for a classic and timeless restaurant for a nice dinner in Stockholm? Sturehof is always the perfect place to be. In the dining room of Sturehof people gather to experience world-class food, art that moves and an electric atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else. A classic brasserie that cares about Swedish cuisine – with a modern feel and an attempt to make an impression on all the senses. The menu follows the seasons and there’s something for all tastes and budgets – which is why Sturehof always is a great choice for a dinner in Stockholm. The wine list is one of the best in the country and has been carefully curated by our experienced sommeliers. They also love to pair the right wine for each dish so if you can’t or don’t want to choose for yourself, just ask.

Sea food at Sturehof

The dining room

In our dining room, you and your party can sit down to enjoy a well-cooked meal in one of Stockholm's oldest restaurant spaces. It turns out that when Sturehof opened in 1897, it was in the same premises where we are now located. Our dining room is divided into two floors, both with high ceilings and large, beautiful windows that let in a lot of light. Here, you are in the midst of the long history that is Sturehof, and in this way, you also become a part of it.

The dining room at Sturehof


The bar you encounter as soon as you enter is called Mellanbaren (the Middle Bar). The name is a legacy from our previous bar in our old premises. Mellanbaren is and was a classic meeting place during lunch, afternoon, and late evening. Here, you can enjoy a simple beer, a glass of wine, or a cocktail in a relaxed and laid-back environment. Our bar staff are both experienced and passionate, and they are ready to mix whatever you feel like during your visit.

The bar at Sturehof

Sturehof Matmarknad and matbaren

Sturehof Food Market is the extension of a unique restaurant. Located to the right of the restaurant, you will find this shop with high-quality fresh ingredients and food inspiration for epicureans. We offer fresh fish and seafood, meat, vegetables, delicacies, and various accompaniments prepared by our chefs. You will also find our newly inaugurated food bar where our chefs prepare the selected daily dishes right in front of you.

We love to help you find the best ingredients for your dinner, whether it's one of our favorite dishes that you prepare in 15 minutes or a full dinner with carefully selected ingredients from us. Be as creative with the food as you like – Sturehof Food Market is the perfect place for those who want to add a touch of luxury to life. See the store's opening hours here.

Adjacent to Sturehof Matmarknad, you also find matbaren (the food bar). Here, we serve smaller dishes based on the ingredients that are in season and currently available in Sturehof Matmarknad. For this reason, we frequently change the menu. Learn more about and reserve a table at matbaren here.

Sturehof Matmarknad and matbaren


Obaren is an experience strong enough to be the goal but also the perfect extension of a long dinner in the dining room. The venue is spacious and intimate, and the bar is adjacent to the dance floor, making it easy to get refills. Here you'll find everything from office workers in ties to bohemians who want to experience DJs playing the latest music and being exposed to interesting new artists. Since spring 2022, Obaren has been temporarily closed due to renovations of the venue.