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More than a restaurant

Sturehof, which opened in 1897, is a modern social hub in central Stockholm and is in the centre of Stureplan. A brasserie with Swedish influences, self-produced ingredients, and a vibrant cultural scene, Sturehof opens in the early morning to late at night, 365 days a year..

Our history

Sturehof's history began in 1897 when Ernst Marcus opened the Malta beer house. In 1905 the name was changed to Sturehof and the restaurant was run as a family business until 1976. The modern Sturehof had its beginning in the early ‘90s when a group of friends consisting of Pg Nilsson, the brothers Pelle and Björn Sturén, the designer Jonas Bohlin, the photographer Bruno Ehrs and the author Peter Kihlgård came together on a night out in Stockholm and began to make plans. They wanted to update Sturehof from top to bottom, inside and out - to modernize the Stureplan institution and launch it into the future. The menu would be updated, as would the interior, and art would be an integral part of the experience.

It is a place that attracts people who not only settle for good food but also seek vibrancy in atmosphere and experience.

The updated concept was a success - but a lot has happened since the 90s. The Sturehof of today is a natural part of Stockholm's restaurant and nightlife. People come here to enjoy a lunch with colleagues, take a luxurious seafood plateau, drink champagne after a theatre production at Dramaten or participate in annual Swedish traditions such as the crayfish party (kräftskiva) and the premiere of eating fermented herring (surströmming). It is a place that attracts people who not only settle for good food but also seek vibrancy in atmosphere and experience.

For larger parties

Are you part of a larger party that wants to gather and dine and drink? Do you want to invite family and friends, or arrange a company dinner?

We are a big family!

Svenska Brasserier is behind some of the country's best and most interesting restaurant concepts. We have large restaurants with many tables and generous opening hours, our food is based on Swedish gastronomy and aesthetics.


There are great opportunities within the company and we are proud of the wonderful community that exists among our employees. You get extensive benefits in a serious company and to us, it’s important that we have fun at work together. Svenska Brasserier has a set of values ​​based on the word’s generosity, accessibility, credibility and entertaining.

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